The Holidays are here.. Did you buy a Live tree?

What amazing temperatures we are experiencing.  Are you planning on spending time in the gardens?  I’m intending to get some bulbs in the ground.  Of course I have plenty of daffodils so this weekend; and perhaps a bit late; I’m going to plant my garlic.  I purchased a bunch from the grocery store, and I’ll plant them and use some leaf grow to be sure they are well fertilized.  Leaf grow is well composed leaves, turned black and full of nutrients.

Did you purchase a holiday tree?  If so, is it a balled and burlapped live tree? Do not bring your tree in too early, as this may dry it out and cause it to go into shock once you put it back outside.  Only bring the tree in for one or two days.

Consider where you are going to plant it.  It is not going to like being in a wet location, it will require high ground in full to partial sun.  Also don’t forget to look up and see that there aren’t any over head utility wires.  As the plant grows it will need to have room to grow, and we want to avoid the utility company sending out their tree cutting services to clear their lines.  Typically those guys are just there to clear lines and may leave the plant looking ugly later in the future.

If you have purchased a B&B tree you will have perfect weather on Saturday Dec 21st to prep your hole.  In order to prep the hole you’ll want a square hole, twice as big as the root ball, and just as deep as the root ball.  Put some compost in the hole mix that up with the soil. Once you remove the tree from the house after Christmas, select which side of the tree is most full and face that fuller side toward your vocal point.  Meaning if you want it to face a kitchen window, select which side is fuller and face the plant toward the kitchen the tree into the hole and cut any wire and rope away from the tree trunk.  Do not remove the burlap but instead untie it from the trunk and lay the flaps over into the hole and back fill the hole using compost and soil mix. The burlap will disintegrate in time.  Half way through back-filling step take a moment to back up and away from the tree and look at it from a few different angles to be sure that the tree is straight and not leaning.  Straighten as necessary, and also add a few gallons of water.  Then continue to back-fill the root ball.  Mulch to protect the plant from drying out, and stake it if in a windy location.

Happy Planting and enjoy the Winter Solstice.  The days are going to be getting longer again!  Spring isn’t TOO far away, is it?  Feels like it is here already.

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