Plants: Living breathing reproducing growing forming relationships

Alive because they have requirements of water, energy from sunlight, nutrients from the earth.

Transpiration is designed to move water through the plant to maintain temperature.

They grow from cell elongation and cell division.

They reproduce themselves by different means, some of the plants increase in size by setting reproductions of themselves, all set seeds, and some by both increasing and by seed distribution.

Plants form symbiotic relationships with other organisms.  Such as the bees that pollinate them.  Some plants can’t utilize bees, so they have formed relationships with other organisms.  Bats and the saguaro cactus is one example.  Some hire armies of ants to protect themselves from other organisms that will eat them.  Some have produced toxins to prevent being eaten.

I am convinced that all plants are amazing, incredible and I am in awe when I am in their presence.  While traveling to different regions of the country, I look at and ask about different flora, typically I am in awe at how they grow, and behave, their features are amazing to me.  While traveling, I often consider taking plants back with me to my gardens. (There are many reasons this is NOT good to do)  So I leave them and don’t import them back here.  But when returning back to the Mid-Atlantic, I am once again in awe and appreciation of our wondrous plants that live here.

Love your gardens




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